Cari Bolte

Cari Bolte, an interior design graduate from Antonelli College, brings 11 years of design experience to Lifestyle Kitchen Designs. She continues today with a portfolio of creative interiors that are fashionable and functional.

Cari has the passion and skill to visualize complex spaces and recreate them to meet the needs of her clients. Her discipline in balancing color, texture and proportion, results in a sophisticated composition in all of her projects. Cari’s design process starts with her with her client’s personality; working with them to find their own wishes and requirements. Her projects are often a result of her client’s own inspirations; most suitable for their family, lifestyle and means.

An ability to collaborate with architects, contractors and clients has earned Cari a well deserved reputation as a true professional. Perhaps her greatest testimony is that those who have worked with Cari, continue to refer their friends and neighbors long after their own project has been completed.

STUDIO: Lifestyle Kitchen Designs – Evendale, Ohio
PHONE: 513 619-7090
EMAIL: [email protected]

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Buckhead Mountain Grill, for the menu, the view and the ambiance.
FAVORITE STYLE: Modern – simple design but very functional, and with unassuming details. A modern kitchen or bath has a warmth to it with clean lines and simple nuances.
ADVICE TO HOMEOWNERS: The design process is just that – a process. There will be highs and lows along the way; and in the end, the result will be very exciting.
WHY I LOVE TO DESIGN: Most people who remodel a kitchen have planned and dreamt about it for months or even years. I get to help make that dream a reality, and I value that opportunity every time.

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Cari’s tip for homeowners:

When starting a project, start with a list; pros and cons are great. Bring all of your ideas to the table and start to narrow your search from there. Unexpected options, wants and needs may arise.

More about Cari:

Cari is a very creative designer and will create a kitchen which fits your needs and most importantly is uniquely your style.