How to Make Your Kitchen More than Just the Place You Cook

Girl on laptop in kitchen For most households, the kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and is often the epicenter of family activity. Not only is it the place where meals are prepared on a regular basis, but it’s also a frequent stop during the day for various family-related goings-on including meal planning, doing homework, schedule making, balancing the checkbook, and sometimes just shooting the breeze.

For all of the time that the average family spends in the kitchen, sometimes the space can fall short of being able to adequately fulfill the various roles it plays in daily life. Perhaps the space is a little cramped, or maybe the current layout isn’t very accommodating. Or, maybe the look of the kitchen is outdated, and could use a facelift. Whatever the case may be, you might feel like something’s just not quite “right” with the space. So what can you do to reimagine your kitchen in order to better serve your family’s needs? Below are some suggestions to help you turn your kitchen into more than just a place to cook.

1. Add an Island

Kitchen islands are incredibly useful and functional because they create an additional work surface, and they can provide excellent storage space as well. With the addition of some stools, your kitchen island can turn into a place to eat or do homework. Add a sink, and your island now gives you an additional food prep area. And don’t forget about its under-the-counter storage capabilities–you can add drawers, convert it to a wine cooler, etc.

2. Create an Eat-In Kitchen

Whether you choose a cozy breakfast nook or a full-blown dining area, the eat-in kitchen creates a lovely visual appeal, plus it’s extra-convenient in terms of integrating meal prep with the actual dining time. For the social cook, an eat-in kitchen space is a dream come true, because it allows for more interaction with friends and family while meals are being prepared. As far as furnishing goes, you don’t have to feel restricted to the traditional table-and-chairs setup; you can add a built-in booth or banquette seating, or mix up your furniture choices to include a bench, barstools, etc.

3. Add a “Command Center”

Consider integrating a desk or other type of “command center” into the kitchen for all of the routine household administrative duties such as meal planning, schedule making, coupon clipping, sorting the mail, etc. This handy workstation can help your family stay organized and keep paperwork, calendars, etc., in one convenient central location.

4. Add a Media Center

Cincinnati, OH kitchen remodeling gurus Lifestyle Kitchen Designs often showcase various kitchen layouts that feature an integrated media center. Custom cabinetry and furnishings can be created to accommodate flat screen televisions, stereo systems, etc., so that friends and family members continue to enjoy audio/visual entertainment while mingling in the kitchen.

There are countless kitchen design and layout variations you can choose from to make your kitchen a more functional space. Since so much of daily life happens in or around the kitchen, it only makes sense to invest in this all-important space in order to better serve your family’s needs and lifestyle. Keep the ideas listed above in mind to help you transform your kitchen area into an accommodating and highly functional hub for all sorts of household activity.