How to Get the Most Space Out of Your Kitchen Without Building Out

Get the Most Space Out of Your KitchenThe kitchen is one of the most highly trafficked areas in a home, and with the flurry of activity that happens there on a weekly basis, it only makes sense to maximize every square inch of space in order to make it as useful and accommodating as possible. But sometimes the space you have for your kitchen is all the space there is. So how do you squeeze more space out of your kitchen when your space is limited? Below are some handy space-saving solutions that can help you maximize the space in your kitchen when building out isn’t an option.

Install a Pot Rack

One of the best ways to free up valuable cabinet space is by moving your pots and other cookware to a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted pot rack. Not only will it make your cookware more easily accessible (no bending down or reaching into deep cabinets), but it can add a nice visual accent to the space as well.

Consider Smaller Appliances

If you’re not regularly cooking for a large number of people, consider installing smaller appliances (e.g., stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.). Several top manufacturers including Viking and Bertazzoni offer small-space models that provide the same level of performance without sacrificing quality.

Choose a Single-Bowl Sink

Going from a double-bowl to single-bowl sink will save you about a foot (or more) of counter space on average. Small-bowl sinks come in all types and sizes, so you won’t have to worry about finding one that will complement the style and visual theme of your kitchen.

Go for Wall-Mounted Storage

If you’re looking to conserve counter space, there’s no better way to do it than to utilize your wall space in a creative way. Install hooks, racks and/or shelves to store items that commonly occupy countertops, freeing up valuable space in your main work areas.

Pick Pullouts

A pullout pantry is an excellent space-saver, because it can be tucked into surprisingly tight spaces, and it gives you easy access to all of your food items (even the ones in the back). In addition, instead of opting for the traditional free-standing trash can, consider installing a pull-out trash bin; it’s ultra-convenient, and it can be a much better choice for aesthetic purposes as well.

Try a Mounted Knife Rack

Knife blocks are often bulky and can easily consume counter space. Try a mounted knife rack instead; it will keep all of your cutting tools within reach, and allow you to leverage that saved counter space for more productive uses.

Rethink Your Corner Space

Corner space–especially in under-the-counter cabinets–is often one of the most neglected areas of the kitchen. Consider installing a Lazy Susan for a convenient and handy storage solution, or try V-shaped pull-out drawers to make the most out of that valuable corner space that often goes to waste.

Try Under-Cabinet Drawers, Racks, Hooks, Etc.

The space directly underneath your kitchen cabinets can easily be modified with under-cabinet drawers, racks, hooks, wire baskets, etc., in order to store items that often clutter your counters (think spices, lids, utensils, chopping boards, and so forth). Under-cabinet storage solutions are versatile and multi-functional, and can tidy up the overall look of your kitchen.

Let one of our kitchen design coaches help you figure out how to maximize the space you have. With their help, you might be surprised at how much space you can save in your current kitchen layout. Contact us here!