What to Consider Before Selecting New Bathroom Cabinets

If you’ve been working on plans to give your bathroom a new look, no doubt you’ve had to make dozens of decisions regarding what type of visual theme you’ll want to establish for this all-important space. One of the most important factors that will influence the look and feel of your new bathroom is the type of cabinets you choose to install. If you’re not quite sure which way you should go in terms of style or design, consider the following popular bathroom cabinet trends to help you gather some inspiration for your own remodeling project.

White Finish

Trend watchers in the bathroom design industry will be quick to tell you that white is the new black, and cabinets that feature a white finish can add a contemporary vibe to your bathroom that is both sleek and refreshing. There are several different variations of white to choose from (e.g., pure white, ivory, etc.) in order to create a clean, modern look that will “wake up” your bathroom space. You can match your white cabinet finish with a marble countertop to produce a minimalist look, or you can pair it with a darker granite countertop to create a striking visual contrast.

Wooden Vanities

The wooden vanity under the sink is a wildly popular cabinetry choice for bathroom remodelers. You can add accents such as slender molding to outline drawers and doors, and to imbue the piece with a greater sense of texture. Furniture-style feet on wooden vanities have also been a prevalent trend as well, as they create a comforting look that adds a more personal touch to the space.

Mixed Storage Options

Combining open and closed storage options for your bathroom cabinetry will provide a greater level of functionality while boosting their aesthetic appeal as well. Consider installing open shelves in a portion of the cabinet unit, complete with wicker baskets for storing towels or washcloths. Not only will this add a functional yet decorative element, but it will also break up the visual monotony by adding a greater sense of depth and dimension to the cabinet unit.

Floating Vanities

Floating (a.k.a. wall-mounted) vanities provide an undeniable visual pop that opens up the bathroom space and makes it look and feel more “airy.” Aside from its obvious eye-grabbing aesthetics, a floating vanity also provides an important functional benefit: If you’re looking to install radiant floor heating in your bathroom, a floating vanity will provide you with more floor space to work with, as well as an increased heating output that can make all the difference in terms of boosting the comfort level of your bathroom. In addition, floating vanities can make the task of cleaning your bathroom a little bit easier. The above trends represent just a fraction of the possibilities you can explore when selecting new bathroom cabinets. If you’re feeling a little stuck in terms of deciding on a direction for your bathroom remodeling project, it never hurts to consult with a professional who can offer you valuable insight and suggestions. Lifestyle Kitchen Designs, a bathroom and kitchen remodeling firm in Cincinnati, OH, has a team of experienced design professionals who can help you achieve the look you’re after with your bathroom remodeling project. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your bathroom into the space you’ve always envisioned!