Seven Ways to Add Cabinets to Almost Any Room of Your Home

Stuff. We all have it, and quite often we run out of places to put it. If you could use a little more storage space (and who couldn’t), consider the following seven ideas to help you add creative cabinet solutions to almost any room in your home.

1. Slide-Out Drawers

You can remove the kickboards on the bottom of your bathroom and/or kitchen cabinets to create slide-out storage drawers. These convenient little compartments are perfect for storing items such as extra towels, linens, serving trays and pans.  

2. Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-out drawers for under-sink cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom are a convenient, handy solution that offers a much more efficient way to store common household items. Instead of having to swing open two cabinet doors and dig around for what you need, you can simply pull out a drawer and view/retrieve any of its contents with minimal hassle.  

3. Built-In Units

Mudrooms are a convenient stopping place to help you leave the outdoors behind, but without some type of staging area to help organize all of those umbrellas, golashes, coats, backpacks, and so forth, it can turn into a real mess. With a built-in unit that includes a flip-top storage bench and plenty of coat hooks, you can keep everything neat and organized in this important transitional space.  

4. Wall-Mounted Units

The empty space behind your laundry room door can be a great spot to store cleaning products and other common household supplies. A wall-mounted unit that features six-inch deep shelves will provide you with a great way to keep everything organized without leaving a burdensome footprint.  

5. Overhead Cabinet Units

Speaking of laundry rooms, you can also frame your washer and dryer with a nice cabinet unit. Cleaning supplies and other knick-knacks can be conveniently kept in cabinets directly overhead, making for a much smoother flow of work when you’re grinding it out on laundry day.  

6. Wall-Mounted Vanity

You can add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom by opting for a wall-mounted (a.k.a. “floating”) vanity. Not only is it an aesthetic winner, but it also provides ample storage while still lending an “airy” look to your bathroom.  

7. Built-In Cabinets and Bookcases

You can add beauty to your work by installing creative cabinet solutions in your home office. Try a built-in desk surrounded by plenty of cabinet space on the sides and overhead, or go for a custom cabinet/bookcase solution to match a desk that you already own. In addition, you don’t have to settle for those clunky, uninspired file cabinets that come from the big box office supply stores. Try a custom-made cabinet divider unit that will enable you to stack, store and sort items of all types and sizes.  

Perhaps you’ve been looking for ways to add better storage solutions around the house, but didn’t know quite where to start. Lifestyle Kitchen Designs, a top kitchen remodeling firm in Cincinnati OH, is well-versed in creating custom cabinet solutions to accommodate practically any type of storage requirements. Contact one of our expert design coaches today to see how we can help you create a convenient and ideal living space that will perfectly align with your needs and lifestyle.